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to Nils Lofgren 8/25/04

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NEW! Prayin' the Blues
Listen to the Clips below:
• Black & Blue-(*Hon. Mention - Intnat'l Songwriting Comp.)

• Henpecked-(*Guitar Player Mag.)
• My Heart to Give
• Slinky
• Sweetest Love
• Read Lyrics from "Prayin the Blues" CD
* All songs written, arranged and
produced by Bobby Manriquez.
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Be Sure and Check out samples of
acclaimed "
Another Shade of Blues"

"Bobby, you sound fantastic. I would just suggest hitting the town (Austin, TX) and meet as many players as possible... if I hear of anything, I'll let you know.... All the best, David."
- David Grissom, (*John Mellencamp, Dixie Chicks, Storyville)

( about "Henpecked") "bluesey stabs against a STUTTERING groove."!!
- GUITAR PLAYER Magazine, 12/2008

"Looking for the ultimate in contemporary blues-influenced music? Check out the second solo effort by master guitarist and soul-seeker Bobby Manriquez. This one will amaze !! How did he get that tone on the live "Rock Me?" ."
- Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine (Jan., 2005)

"Bobby Manriquez's latest CD, "Prayin' the the Blues," is about an artist who has lived what he sings and plays about. The people who came on board to help bring that music to fruition are proof of his heart and soul in making great music. If music is a conversation, then Bobby Manriquez has created a conversation very worthy of sharing. Enjoy it. Share it with others you care about. It all comes from the heart and soul."
- Bill Payne, keyboards- LITTLE FEAT

"The superb string-work of Manriquez is once again more than outstanding, which would include him among the best guitar-players of our time......... "FT3" and "Unhooked" stand up to the power of the music of Prince...in "Sweetest Love" Manriquez brilliantly shows his soul-veins..."Prayin' the Blues" is, to understate, a musical hit for people with open minds and ears"
- Dietmar Hoscher- CONCERTO Magazine, Austria

"Another winner (in"Prayin' the Blues,") from one of my favorite guitarists. Great CD! If Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn had a baby, he'd be lucky to grow up to play as soulfully as Bobby. His writing, singing and playing has an original voice with old school soul. Well done my friend. ** To everyone: CHECK IT OUT!"
- E-Street Band's NILS LOFGREN

"Dear Bobby-
Thank you for sending your new CD. I listened, and it's REALLY good ! I wish you great success with it."
- Musician and creator of the beautifully crafted guitars used by Carlos Santana and many other icons of the guitar world - PAUL REED SMITH

"Searing, Clapton-esque guitars and a potent vocal presence define this barroom blues number (Blues Rockin') from the local blues stalwart Manriquez"
- The WASHINGTON POST MP3, *Editor's Picks, 3/2005

"I am about to call this one a soothing ass kicker. I guess I just did........ this bad boy is one among itself"
- MN Blues on Stage 9/2005

"If you're looking for some of your daddy's blues, you might look elsewhere. ....Bobby's music is HIS blues, HIS heart, and HIS muses that he follows, - and the results are fresh and vital. He coaxes modern, yet timeless tones from his guitar, finding notes that seemingly aren't present on other players' instruments. Stretching the boundaries of Blues.....Bobby's music deserves a listen from anyone seeking to expand their musical horizons"
- BarrelhouseBlues.com /2005

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobby, and at the same time being a fan of his guitar playing since the 1970's. His latest solo effort is simply wonderful! It's full of infectious grooves, great singing, cool songs, and his guitar playing is still FEROCIOUS ! Go ahead, Bobby !!!"
- Guitarist extraordinaire (Gregg Allman, Dr. John, Sea Level) JIMMY NALLS 12/2005

"It doesn’t take long to figure out what"Prayin' the Blues" is all about. It is all about Bobby Manriquez’s guitar riffs, and with good reason. The dude can play. Bobby Manriquez has some serious chops....... Manriquez, like Stevie Ray Vaughn, seamlessly melds elements of blues and rock guitar that gives a gritty feel to his music. "

"Every cut is in your face and hot as can be.....indescribably cool blues....What a GREAT ALBUM ! should sum it up !"
- RootsMusicReport.com 9/2005

"Bobby Manriquez ! How is it ? My best to you on your CD "Prayin' the Blues" - VERY Original, GREAT Licks ! I hear blues, fusion, avant-garde.... all in the same breath ! Keep on Keepin On!".."Bobby Manriquez is a baad man. He can tow the line!" "Sweetest Love !"
- The "Godfather of Blues Guitar"-BOBBY PARKER (R.I.P.)

"Bobby's original take on arrangements, and his flawless guitar work, heighten the listener's; experience..................... "Prayin the Blues" is one of those CDs you re-visit again and again because each time, you hear something new. It's refreshing in it's originality and bold in it's musicality. Perhaps what makes "Prayin' the Blues" so successful is Bobby's sanguine message of hope and faith that resonates throughout his lyrics and arrangements, as well as his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional blues toward an equally hopeful future...............Buy two copies, you'll want to turn on a friend"

"There are the "greats," then there are we, the many who also share a special gift from God with you. Thank you , all you generous, talented people; thank you , all who listen!"

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