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After considerable acclaim w/ his first solo CD, RollingStone Review/ Bobby, Blues Revue Mag/ 2001, Bobby Manriquez/ Soundbytes, All Music Guide: Another Shade of Blue(s)

Bobby Manriquez has completed his second work, "PRAYIN' the BLUES" (blu funk)

Humble thanks to the talented group of artists whose support and taste helped mold my project. It may be of interest to know that:

Mike Stern's awesome and nationally recognized style graced the bands of Miles Davis, Jacco Pastorius and Blood, Sweat and Tears. Gary Grainger was the "bomb" with the bass on John Scofield's "Loud Jazz" CD. Among Myles Mattison's 2003 tours were Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Mariah Carey, and the late Ray Charles. The Nighthawks would not be the Nighthawks without the very distinguishable harp playing of Mark Wenner. It would seem "Steady Rollin" Bob Margolin's association with Muddy Waters is a jacket he wears proudly, as do I, with players such as Bob gracing my CD. Another treat is Chaka Khan's RUFUS bass-backbone, Bobby Watson. Lastly, one of the nicest human beings and one of the most talented, gifted musicians I've had the privilege of knowing was a player in Neil Young's band, as well as Beatle Ringo Starr's AllStarr band, and of course, a well known personality in the super E-Street Band presently, Nils Lofgren. There are also magical DC area players such as bassist Sonny Petrosky who rank nationally in my book with regard to talent, but have chosen the family life. Without further naming, there are no slouches among us.

The Songs

Find That Love
Lead and rhythm guitars, bass, piano, drums, percussion, lead vocals- Bobby Manriquez. Background vocals- Bobby Manriquez.

Lead, slide, rhythm, bass guitars, and vocals- Bobby Manriquez; Drums- Pete Cruickshank.

Blues Rockin'
Lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums, keyboards (piano, horn
parts, Hammond organ)- Bobby Manriquez; Organ- Nils Lofgren.

Vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, percussion- Bobby Manriquez; Bass- Gary Grainger; Cameo lead guitar solo- Mike Stern; Drums- Bruce Guttridge

My Heart to Give
Lead and background vocals, lead and rhythm guitars- Bobby Manriquez; Bass- Greg Hemming; Drums-
Myles Mattison; Harmonica- Mark Wenner; Slide guitar- "Steady Rollin" Bob Margolin.

Lead and background vocals, lead, slide and rhythm guitars- Bobby Manriquez; Bass- Sonny Petrosky; Clavinette- Tom Pelroski; Harmonica- Mark Wenner; Drums- Bruce Guttridge.

Black & Blue (first stone cast)
Lead and rhythm guitars, Fender bass, drums- Bobby Manriquez.

G-Blue (inspired)
Lead vocal, lead and rhythm guitars, drums- Bobby Manriquez; Bass- Greg Hemming; Organ- Kurt Gibbons; Background vocals- Bobby and Leslie.

Everything you hear- Bobby Manriquez.

Lead and background vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboard (horn parts), bass slaps, drums, percussion- Bobby Manriquez; Fat Fender bass- Bobby Watson;

Everything you hear- Bobby Manriquez.

Rock Me ("Live")
Lead vocal, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboard (horn parts)- Bobby Manriquez; Rhythm guitar- Jimmy Van Keuren; Bass- Greg Hemming; Drums- Brian Alpert. * thanks- Paris Mann

Sweetest Love
Lead vocals, rhythm guitars- Bobby and Chris; Lead guitar, percussion- Bobby Manriquez; Hammond organ, bass- Tom Petroski, Drums- Myles Mattison.

"Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)" was written and produced by Bobby Manriquez, and engineered at :: MorningStar Studios :: in Ambler, PA by Glen Barrett and Tom Petroski. Bobby's Promo Photography by Mattingly; thanks to Heeday Nakahashi for pre-release CD photo. Much deserved credit to Barbie Harris for graphics, and Audrey for consulting. Thanks to my dad, mom and family members, kids, Linda, and Susan for their support and edification. Also, loving appreciation for the wonderful work on my website by Bambi . Deep from my heart, special thanks to Donna, my sisters Dee and Rose whose friendship, dedication, and selfless creative contributions made for invaluable sources of consult. Lastly, and most importantly, thank God for the gift of song; may my song resound in the heart of my true love........ and echo into the hearts of others - Bobby Manriquez

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