30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (2024)

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (1)

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Get your little ones ready to spread love with these adorable and sweet Valentine Crafts for preschoolers perfect for heart themed art projects too!

These Preschool Valentine Crafts make cute and crafty valentine ideas for preschoolers that will make your heart fill with joy. There’s really nothing like a homemade Valentine card to craft to show someone you appreciate them. These Valentine’s Day ideas for preschoolers make wonderful hands-on arts and craft projects kids can make. From heart wreath to cute animal cards, handprint cards, and stamped heart projects. There are so many fun Valentine projects for preschoolers in this list! Make sure to click on each link below to take you to the description.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (2)

Valentine Cards These are easy recycled Valentine’s Day cards for preschoolers on up to make.

Valentine Heart Paper Wreath – If you are having a Valentine play date or class party, you need to check out this easy Valentine Heart Paper Plate Wreath Craft using crayons and foam stickers.

Preschool Heart Craft – This simple and fun heart craft is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for preschoolers. Children will engage in sensory play as they use Magic Nuudles to craft an adorable heart. Printable heart template.

Stamped Valentine Card – This Stamped Heart Valentine’s Day Card Craft is a creative card for your kids to make and give.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (3)

Pom Pom Sheep Valentine Cards – Get your preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills with this cute pom pom Valentine craft.

DIY Towel Bear – This cuddly Valentine towel bear is great for preschoolers because he requires no sewing, glueing or cutting!

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft – This fun card comes with a printable so preschoolers can practice their writing.

Key to My Heart CraftA cute and easy photo card that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Bee Mine Valentine Craft – An adorable bee with shapes so your preschooler can learn too!

Valentine Hedgehog Craft – Kids will love coloring this cute hedgehog to send love to someone special.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (4)

Heart Tissue Paper Craft – These tissue paper suncatchers make pretty window decorations too!

Valentine Preschool Heart Craft – Use the heart template and a fun art technique to make these cute heart cards.

Llama Valentine’s Day Craft – This super cute llama will bring smiles and hearts all around and comes with a free printable template.

3D Valentine Craft – This handprint card is a sweet memento with the bonus and cool 3D heart effects.

Valentine Handprint Craft – Let your kid share a loving message with this simple, yet thoughtful handprint Valentine craft!

Pipe Cleaner Lollipop Valentine’s Card – Preschoolers will love twirling pipe cleaners into sweet lollipops.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (5)

DIY Clay Heart Mobile – The whole family can get into the artsy fun in making this pretty clay heart mobile.

Rainbow Valentine Hearts – These rainbow hearts are super quick and colorful to set up!

Art Palette Cupcake DecoratingLet kids get creative in the kitchen with this Valentine’s Day art palette decorating station! Perfect for littles or big kids

Sticky Heart Valentine CraftThese sticky heart cards are a great way for kids to show family and friends they care about them at Valentine’s. They’re simple to make and great fine motor practice too.

DIY Heart Wreaths – These cute yarn wreaths feature the people you love most – your kids!

Sensory Hearts – Make a sensory board of hearts and get the kids to help find various objects in the home to touch and feel.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (6)

Crepe Paper Wreath Valentine – Kids will love scrunching crepe paper to make this adorable heart wreath.

3D Cupid Valentine Cards – Create different Cupid-themed Valentine’s Day cards and crafts that can be gifted (like chocolate favors on a popsicle stick!). Practice scissors skills by cutting and curling the hair of this adorable cupid.

Fingerprint Valentine Canvas – Remember how small those fingerprints were with this lovely canvas Valentine art for preschoolers.

Free Hugs Cactus Valentines – Give out free hugs with this fun cactus printable and tell your kids what you love about them most.

Valentine Paper Roll Owl – This cute paper tube owl is a creative recycled Valentine project for the preschool and kindergarten age set.


Valentine Pom Pom Heart Card

Owl Valentine Cards

Valentine Paper Tree Craft

Here’s another cute Valentine Preschool Art, make Love Handprint Art! Get the FREE printable.

30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (7)

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article.

Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers

Valentine Crafts for preschoolers are art projects specifically designed for young children to celebrate Valentine's Day. These crafts are often heart-themed and aim to engage children in hands-on activities. They can include making Valentine cards, creating heart-shaped wreaths, using different art techniques, and incorporating various materials like paper, pom poms, clay, and more. These crafts provide an opportunity for children to express their creativity, practice fine motor skills, and show appreciation to others through homemade gifts.

Preschool Valentine Crafts

Preschool Valentine Crafts are craft projects specifically tailored for preschool-aged children. These crafts are usually simple, age-appropriate, and focus on themes related to Valentine's Day. They can involve activities like coloring, cutting, gluing, and using different art supplies. Preschool Valentine Crafts often aim to develop children's creativity, sensory play, and fine motor skills while engaging them in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Heart-Themed Art Projects

Heart-themed art projects are creative activities that revolve around the use of heart shapes. These projects can include various art techniques, such as painting, drawing, collage, and more. Heart-themed art projects are often associated with Valentine's Day and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They provide an opportunity for self-expression, exploration of colors and textures, and the creation of visually appealing artworks.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine cards are personalized cards made by hand to express love, appreciation, and friendship on Valentine's Day. These cards are often created using various art supplies like paper, markers, stickers, and glitter. Making homemade Valentine cards is a thoughtful and creative way to show someone you care. It allows for personalization and adds a special touch to the gesture of giving a card.

Sensory Play

Sensory play refers to activities that stimulate the senses, including touch, sight, sound, smell, and sometimes taste. Sensory play is important for young children's development as it helps them explore and understand the world around them. It can involve activities like playing with different textures, manipulating objects, and engaging in hands-on experiences. Sensory play is often incorporated into craft projects for preschoolers to enhance their learning and engagement.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles, usually in the hands and fingers, to perform precise movements. These skills are essential for activities like writing, drawing, cutting, and manipulating small objects. Engaging in craft projects, such as Valentine Crafts for preschoolers, can help children develop and refine their fine motor skills. Activities like cutting paper, gluing, and using small art supplies require hand-eye coordination and dexterity, contributing to the development of fine motor skills.

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30 Plus Adorable Preschool Valentine Crafts (2024)
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