Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas For Kids (2024)

Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas For Kids (1)


Every Valentine’s Day, my husband and I enjoy gifting our children a fun Valentine’s goodie basket to tell them how much we love them. And this year is no different! I’m sharing gift basket ideas that are budget-friendly, thoughtful, and fun for your children. Come check them out!

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[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

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Ever since our children were old enough to know what Valentine’s Day is, my husband and I have enjoyed gifting them a basket of goodies on this love day. We even joke, tongue-in-cheek, that it was the “Valentine’s Heart” that secretly delivered their baskets to them (think Valentine’s Day version of Santa, haha!). I knew just where to go and find a wide range of fun and budget-friendly Valentine’s items.

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Protip: When decorating your home for Valentine’s Day this year, you can easily stay in line with the modern farmhouse style. I am sharing how to do this with lovely decor ideas that are also festive.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

I found everything for their gift baskets at JOANN. Many people think JOANN is limited to crafting and sewing supplies, but I’ve discovered so many other items they carry at their stores. From amazing home decor (I’ve shared several articles on what I’ve found in this category before) to cute holiday gifts that I’m sharing all about today.

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When you are looking for your gift items, think about being consistent across the board (finding items that are the “same”) but come in various options (colors, patterns, etc.). This keeps things “even” (are my kids the only ones that evaluate for that, haha?!) and unique to their personality, age, etc.

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I was so excited to find a basket that would hold these Valentine’s treats and also that they can use after Valentine’s Day to store things in their rooms or bathrooms. The adorable woven baskets (similar ones here) have great detail on them, and I love the leather handles. The fun mint color goes perfectly with all the pink and red.

Next up, I started looking for what to put inside the baskets. Below are the items I found, with varying colors/patterns to make them special to each child.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Items:

  1. Valentine Socks here, here, here, here
  2. 2-pack Water Bottles/Tumblers here and here.
  3. Large Mason Jar (similar ones) here (I’ll share more on this item below)
  4. Valentine Baking Items here, here, here, here
  5. Heart Ribbon here
  6. Leggo’s here
  7. Pom Pom Gel Hand Sanitizer
  8. 4-Color Pens (similar ones here)
  9. Life Savers Candies
  10. Beef Jerky

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While I was there, I grabbed these cute Valentine’s Day placemats (to set the baskets on top of) and this heart confetti. I love sprinkling confetti as part of holiday decorations! Lastly, I found this cute “Hugs and Kisses” sign to set on the table as well.

Once you have your items, you can place them in each child’s basket. I did not have any tissue paper on hand, but you can always add some to your baskets if you prefer.

Protip: Looking for even more Valentine’s Day inspiration? This simple yet lovely Valentine’s Day tablescape will make for a special occasion. A hand-painted heart runner, beautiful faux florals, and lighting some candles make up this sweet table for Valentine’s Day.

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Easy Candy Jar To Place In The Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

I used the large mason jar to make a fun candy jar and added this craft twine around the top rim with these cute mini tassels. You can tell how easy this little craft was and instantly created a thoughtful touch to the basket. There are endless options on how to use mason jars in these baskets; use your creativity!

Protip: Watch my video tutorial HERE on decorating with candy jars for Valentine’s Day! An easy and simple decor idea that is perfect for kitchen countertops.

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As you can see, I placed the completed baskets on top of the placemats, sprinkled the confetti, and placed the sign in our kitchen. Now I’m just waiting for Valentine’s Day to get here so we can gift our children these fun gift baskets. What do you think?

I hope you feel inspired to create your own gift baskets for this Valentine’s Day for your children. It doesn’t take much time or money to create ones like these; it will mean so much to your child/children.

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Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas For Kids (2024)
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